Spring Budget 2017

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'The trouble with a budget is that it’s hard to fill up one hole without digging another.' Dan Bennett

The next Spring Budget is on Wednesday 8 March 2017. Keep upto date with our Spring Budget Social Media Wall.

As with previous budgets, we will be producing an in-depth summary of the key facts and figures and how it may affect individuals and businesses. Please add your details here to be sent a copy straight to your inbox when issued on 9 March 2017.

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Lambton Public Health should merge with neighbour: Bailey The Ford government's spring budget alarmed local health officials by announcing a “modernization” of health units to increase efficiency and save ...
Taxes for social progress proposed by Liberal government in 'people's budget' - archive, 30 April 1909

30 April 1909: David Lloyd George’s ‘People’s Budget’ attempts to reduce the gap between rich and poor

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, in introducing the Budget in the House of Commons yesterday, described it as “a war Budget” – a budget raising money to wage warfare against poverty and squalor.

Mr Lloyd-George’s speech was much more than a review of the national finances in the past year and an announcement of the financial proposals for the corning year. It indicated the Government’s plans of social reform for which money will have to be found in future years.

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