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Melanie first entered the industry working in sales and marketing. Gaining valuable understanding and insight whilst working closely alongside the advice team sparked her ambition to become a financial planner.

Melanie loves getting to know new clients and taking a more down-to-earth and relatable approach.

She advises on both personal and business protection and handles most of the protection cases because of her experience.

Melanie has a keen interest in supporting clients who are just starting out on their journey – first-time investors and clients starting new pensions. She’s also knowledgeable on the Responsible Investment options available for the growing number of clients who are looking for their investments to match their values or beliefs.


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BA (Hons) Politics, Loughborough University

EFPA European Financial Planner™

Financial Services, Regulation and Ethics (R01)

Assesses a knowledge and understanding of the financial services industry, including regulation, legislation and the Code of Ethics.

Investment Principles (R02)

Assesses a knowledge and understanding of investment products and the application of the investment advice process.

Personal Taxation (R03)

Assesses a knowledge and understanding of the UK taxation system, and the ability to analyse the taxation treatment of individuals and trusts during the investment advice process.

Pensions and Retirement Planning (R04)

Assesses a knowledge and understanding of an ability to analyse pension and retirement planning issues.

Financial Protection (R05)

Assesses a knowledge and understanding of an ability to analyse financial protection planning issues.

Financial Planning Practice (R06)

This qualification helps advisers develop and demonstrate their financial planning capabilities.

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What matters most

What matters most to Melanie about working for Hartsfield?

I feel very lucky to work with such a close-knit team who I can call friends and not just colleagues.

Everyone’s opinion counts and we all look out for each other. I have felt really supported during my move into a financial planner role – plus, it’s not just me who is being encouraged to develop further. It’s so lovely to see the whole team constantly improving and progressing and we are all each other’s best cheerleaders. The flexibility we have at Hartsfield means we get to deliver to our clients while still enjoying our lives outside of work.

What matters most to Melanie about her specific role?

I love getting to know new clients and taking a more down-to-earth and relatable approach.

I think it’s really important for clients to understand and feel engaged with the whole planning process - this means they will feel more confident and in control. It’s essential to do that by not using jargon or condescending anyone who is new to the process. It’s also great to be challenging the status quo of what a typical financial planner is expected to be - the male, pale and stale industry is slowly starting to change.

What matters most to Melanie outside of work?

I’m definitely a social butterfly; I love spending time with my friends and family. I’m always happier when I’m outdoors being active; either a weekend covered in mud mountain biking or at the coast attempting to surf.

I lived in Chamonix for a few years after I graduated from university so I always look forward to going skiing (when I can!) and visiting friends who are scattered all over the world.

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