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For what matters most

We know that choosing a financial planner is a big decision. The relationship you form may last for many years and will play a key role in some of the biggest decisions of your life. That’s why it’s worth taking the time and care to select a planner who holds the qualities, experience, qualifications, and approach you value.

So, before you make a decision, here’s some information that might help you get to know us a little better. Of course, if you still have unanswered questions, please do get in touch; we’d be only too happy to arrange a meeting.

Why do our clients choose us?

There are four main reasons why our clients choose us. Because we know that…

Service matters

We listen, we understand, and we care. And we make getting to know you and what matters most to you, our top priority. We are truly client-centred.

While we’re an ambitious and growing company, we’ve purposely ensured that working with us feels like becoming part of the family. Whichever one of our three offices (we call them ‘pods’) you engage with, you will be welcomed and made to feel at home.

Our approach might explain why three of our planners were listed in the VouchedFor 2020 Guide to the UK’s Top Rated Advisers.

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Choice matters

We are independent financial planners. That means we are not limited when it comes to which solutions we can recommend to you.

We’re able to consider all available investment products without constraint and give you the choice of the entire market. It also means we are duty-bound to give you objective, unbiased advice tailored just to you.

Thanks to our independent status, you can rest assured that the advice we give you is always based solely on what we believe is right for you.

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Clarity matters

We know that financial decisions can be complex and confusing. Which is why we have a commitment to transparency and clarity.

Our financial planners are adept at making the complex easy to digest because we believe that all decisions should be informed decisions. Especially when they are as important as these are.

We’re here to smooth out the complications and bring a feeling of clear-headed calm to your decision-making process.

You will find us approachable, friendly, reliable and trustworthy. We welcome questions and feedback and are always seeking new ways to meet our clients’ needs.

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Results matter

We spend time getting to know our clients well. That’s because we can only deliver the results that matter, if we know what matters to you.

That’s why, before we commence any client journey, we start by listening and finding out what you want to achieve; what success looks like to you.

It also means we’re delighted to have been finalists in the Professional Adviser Awards ‘Adviser Firm of the Year – South West’ category in 2020, 2017 and 2016 and are delighted to have our head of financial planning, Joy Wisniewski, nominated for three awards in the Women in Financial Advice Awards 2020, including Role Model of the Year.

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Our clients

When you leave a review, we do a little happy dance. Yes, really. We care what you think because we care about you. And when you take time out of your busy day to write a review, it means we’ve helped you achieve your goals. Which is what matters most to us.

Each review we receive, is read by the whole team. And if you mention a financial advisor specifically, we make sure to send it to them too. Which really makes their day. Of course, we tell our teams how great they are all the time. But it means so much more coming from you!

We’re straight-talking and we really value transparency. So your reviews keep us honest and help spread the word about Hartsfield financial services. Here are some of our favourites.

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