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Financial Planner

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John has 29 years’ industry experience and has been advising for more than 15 of those years. John specialises in investment advice, Inheritance Tax planning, pensions and retirement planning. 

His role is to thoroughly assess clients’ existing circumstances, listen to their ambitions for the future and to help them achieve their long-term objectives by making recommendations that are right for them. It’s also John’s role to regularly review progress and to ensure that clients’ goals are met.

Statement of professional standing

All financial planners and advisers must have an up-to-date Statement of Professional Standing (SPS). This shows they are suitably qualified for the position and have carried out the required amount of Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

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Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning – DipPFS

The Level 4 Diploma meets the FCA’s qualification requirements for retail investment advisers, demonstrating core technical knowledge and financial planning capabilities across six core areas.

Certificate in Financial Services – Cert CII (FS)

The Level 3 Certificate demonstrates knowledge and understanding of the financial services industry in general, including regulation, legislation, and key retail investment products.

Certificate in Mortgage Advice – Cert CII (MP)

The Level 3 Certificate meets the FCA’s qualification requirements for mortgage advisers. It develops an understanding of the sector and the mortgage process, enabling advisers to meet individual client needs.

European Financial Adviser – EFA

The mission of the European Financial Planning Association is to set, promote and implement high quality standards for competence and ethical behaviour for the financial advisory sector throughout Europe, benefiting the profession, financial firms and clients.


Financial Services, Regulation and Ethics (R01)

Assesses a knowledge and understanding of the financial services industry, including regulation, legislation and the Code of Ethics.

Personal Tax (J01)

Assesses an understanding of: the basic structure of the tax system and self-assessment; the main taxes on income and capital that may be charged on individuals, the self-assessment system and how tax liabilities are computed; impact of residence and domicile on an individual’s liability to UK tax.

Savings and Investments (SV1)

Assessing knowledge and understanding of savings and investments.

Mortgage Advice (CF6)

The objective of this unit is to develop an understanding of the various types of mortgage product and repayment options and the giving of mortgage advice.

Financial Services and their Regulation (FP1)

Assessing an understanding of the financial services industry including regulation and legislation.

Protection, Savings and Investment (FP2)

Assesses an understanding of protection, savings and investment products.

Identifying and Satisfying Client Needs (FP3)

Pensions Simplification (CF9)

Assesses a knowledge and understanding of the Government’s simplified pension taxation regime which came into full effect on 6 April 2006 (A-Day). Eight tax regimes for pensions were reduced to one, radically affecting planning and transactions.

Long Term Care Insurance

The objective of this unit is to develop an understanding of long-term care contracts.

Accreditations and awards

What matters most

What matters most to John about working for Hartsfield?

The professional, friendly but family feel are important, I feel that everyone is a valued member of the team and that we all have the opportunity to make a positive impact.

What matters most to John about his specific role?

I aim to help clients to achieve their goals, whether that is working out and providing an income in retirement, investing for a future event or reviewing existing plans developed over a period of time.

Ultimately, the best thing about my job is giving clients peace of mind to be able to do what they want!

What matters most to John outside of work?

Outside of work what matters most is spending quality time with my wife and three sons whether that be stood on the edge of a football pitch during the winter months or sitting hopefully in the sunshine watching cricket in the summer. Invariably, as my sons are getting older, I am spending more and more time being a taxi driver!

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