George Fleming

Business Development Manager

Bristol Office


George has worked in Financial Services since 2017 and has developed a passion for building meaningful relationships, while delivering great customer service. With an interest in financial planning from a young age, George believes everyone’s financial wellbeing could be improved with the right client centric advice.

Working as a Business Development Manager, he is often the first port of call for potential clients using his marketing experience to spread the word of the growing Hartsfield brand.

George has always relished the chance to meet new people as well as to build new partnerships with local businesses. George says “the most important thing to remember about working in personal finance, is that it is personal”.

What matters most

What matters most to George about working at Hartsfield?

The sense of family and team work originally attracted me to working with Hartsfield.
The fact that a decision will not be made unless it is beneficial for a client, the team and the Hartsfield brand I found to be incredibly refreshing.
Hartsfield’s open and transparent way of working, means that both the client and the team know exactly what is going on at every stage of the journey. There are no hidden fees or hidden agenda, the client is truly at the forefront of everything we do.

What matters most to George about his specific role?

I love the variety and opportunity for personal interaction within my role. Often being the first point of contact for potential new clients I relish the chance to promote the Hartsfield brand. Moreover, I take great pleasure in being able to explain to someone how Hartsfield may potentially be able to help achieve their financial goals and therefore improve their financial wellbeing.
I am particularly passionate about building new partnerships and strive to work with other businesses and influencers to find mutually beneficial solutions to existing problems.

What matters most to George outside of work?

Outside of work I am often found spending time with family and friends. Living in the Cotswolds there is nothing I love more than a Sunday morning dog walk followed by a traditional Sunday lunch.
I am a great tennis fan and love any opportunity to watch or play the sport (although I am a much better spectator than player!).
I am also a keen foodie and adore trying new culinary experiences. Last year I was lucky enough to meet Raymond Blanc, whilst eating at Le Manoir.

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