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Financial freedom for the retirement you want to live

What your retirement looks like should be as individual as you are. Extended holidays, quality time with the family, new hobbies, or new business ventures; it’s your choice. But for all, it should be a time to reap the rewards of a lifetime of hard work without the stress of money worries.

Whether you want to slow down and work a little less, travel the world, or explore new possibilities a little closer to home, you’ll need to formulate a well-researched plan to ensure your vision of the future can be achievable. No-one wants to have regrets. 

Our planning and investment services for those already in retirement are specifically tailored to give you the answers you need. From how much you can spend right now, to preparing for later life care, with our help, you can gain comfort in knowing that your future is mapped and your finances are secure.

Our 2020 client survey, showed that of our clients who have already retired, not having enough money to live their desired lifestyle was the most commonly stated concern. In fact, nearly 8 out of 10 of our clients who responded, placed the concern in their top three post-retirement worries.

What are your three biggest financial concerns?

Not having enough money to continue living my preferred lifestyle in retirement 78
Not achieving other financial goals 13
The level of investment returns 54
Potential investment losses 34
Passing my wealth to younger generations without affecting my lifestyle 26
Not being able to leave a large enough financial legacy 5
The amount of Inheritance Tax which will be payable on my death 13
The cost of care in old age 42

Results taken from Hartsfield Client Survey, March 2020

We can help you to understand your current position. We can also help you visualise what your options are for maximising your wealth and gaining the financial security you crave.

Intergenerational planning

At Hartsfield, we also specialise in intergenerational financial planning.

That might mean Inheritance Tax planning to minimise the burden placed on younger generations of your family. Or it might mean transferring money sooner rather than later when you are able to see your children or grandchildren benefit from it. Our specialist planners can help you make decisions that are right for you.

One added, but important benefit of working intergenerationally with us is that it allows us to introduce ourselves to your beneficiaries now. By doing this, they will be able to feel more comfortable with us when the time comes for them to access our support. And it gives you the peace of mind knowing they will be in safe hands.

For what matters most

We asked our clients what mattered most to them about their retirement. These are a few of the things they told us.

"That I can retire and do the things I want to do"

We believe that everyone deserves the chance to enjoy their retirement and the freedom it can bring, without the stress of money worries. A solid, carefully prepared financial plan can give you financial freedom and peace of mind that your money will not run out.

"That I can maintain a healthy and comfortable lifestyle"

We know that financial decisions affect more than just your bank balance; they affect your ability to live a happy, healthy and fulfilling life. Which is why we take all of that into consideration when helping you build a plan for the future.

hartsfield It’s fair

"That I have enough to live on without worrying"

When you’ve worked hard and saved over many years to put money away, you quite rightly deserve to enjoy the fruits of your labour. Our retirement planning services focus on giving you a retirement you can delight in.

Common questions

We often find that our clients come to us with similar kinds of questions. Questions such as:

  • Do I have enough money to pursue the retirement lifestyle I want?
  • I have multiple pensions. Should I be consolidating them?
  • How can I minimise the Inheritance Tax bill my beneficiaries will be asked to pay?
  • Is equity release right for me?
  • I’m worried about the cost of later life care. What can I do to prepare myself and protect myself financially?
  • Can we afford to help our children / grandchildren financially?

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