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Our team

At Hartsfield, we care about our team.
Our people are the life force of our business. Without the best people, we can’t hope to deliver the best service to our clients.
So whether it’s offering dynamic working, so no-one has to choose between their career and a family. Supporting someone through exams, or simply ensuring everyone has the resources they need to do what they do best. We back our team to succeed!

Our vision

Our vision is for a world where people dream big and strive for better. For their communities, for their families and for future generations.

Our mission

By delivering no-nonsense advice and encouraging the pursuit of dreams, we champion the ‘well’ in wealth. By empowering colleagues to focus on what they love, we banish that Monday-morning feeling. By giving our time and resources to our community, we do what’s right and inspire others to do it too.

Why work at Hartsfield?


Sincere simplicity

We keep things simple and we tell it like it is. Because money is complicated enough.


Selfless spirit

We unite as a team and we help those who need it. Because others matter.


Approachable professionalism

We know our stuff, but we're not know-it-alls.​​​​​​​ Because we're human too.


Unwavering guardianship

We will always fight to protect hopes and dreams. Because we genuinely care.


Energetic self-leadership

We empower our colleagues to do what they do best. Because our teams push us forward.



We rebel against average. Because we believe there's always, always better.

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