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Quality of life and a secure tomorrow

When you work hard for your money, you understandably want your money to work hard for you. But if you’re a busy working professional, you may not always have the time to give your finances the attention they require if they’re to really produce results for you.

We will help you identify and define what your desired lifestyle is by understanding what matters most to you. That might include considering your lifetime objectives, your attitudes, opinions and values and your priorities for how to spend your income. We will then look at your current financial position and the options available to you to reach your vision of your desired lifestyle. This becomes the basis of the plan which we will then build for you. That might include recommendations of certain products and services, but only when they are suitable. As independent financial planners, we’re not limited in what we can offer you, and nor are we incentivised to push you into solutions that are not right for you.

Our financial advisors are well-versed in the needs of busy professionals. We know you are looking for someone you can trust to give you sound advice, save you time, and provide you with the peace of mind and financial security that a well-made plan can deliver. Our aim is to put you back in control of your finances and give you the freedom to pursue what matters most to you in your career and your personal life.

For what matters most

We asked our clients what mattered most to them about their money. These are a few of the things they told us.*

"That it supports the lifestyle I want to live"

There’s no point in having money if it can’t support the lifestyle you want to lead. At Hartsfield, we make you and what matters to you our priority, and your goals the basis for all our recommendations.

"That it’s in the best place possible to increase in value"

You want to know that your wealth is protected and just as importantly, that it is working hard to bring you returns. Our investment advisers will work closely with you to produce a portfolio that balances results with a risk level you are comfortable with.

"Security, accessibility, returns"

By helping you make good choices we can put you in control of your finances, giving you the freedom to pursue whatever matters most to you.

Common questions

We often find that our clients come to us with similar kinds of questions and problems. Questions such as:

  • I have a large tax bill. Can you help me?
  • Can you help me get a mortgage?
  • We want to educate our children privately. Can we afford it?
  • I want to be able to do what I want, when I want, when I retire. Can you help me achieve that?
  • I have received a large bonus / inheritance / redundancy payout. Where should I invest it to gain maximum returns?
  • I have multiple pensions. Should I consolidate them?
  • I’m worried about the cost of later life care for my parents. What can I do to prepare for this?

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Our clients

We take great personal pride in improving the lives of our clients and working with you to achieve financial freedom. Which means we love hearing about our clients’ success stories, and the part we played.

Hartsfield Financial Services Limited profile


Hartsfield have advised me for over ten years on a wide range of financial planning issues and I cannot recommend their services more highly.

Stuart Black

Hartsfield client since 2011

A good service with an approachable financial adviser who explained everything in layman’s terms... and provided all without time constraints.

Tonia Smith

Hartsfield client since 2019

I have been very happy with how Hartsfield have conducted my affairs. Full credit to the team and congratulations on their recent inclusion within The Times listing of Top Financial Advisers.

Eddie Owen

Hartsfield client since 2011

My adviser really takes the time to understand my financial needs and strives to ensure that I am comfortable with the investments he makes.

Laura Jaine Hayward

Hartsfield client since 2018

Financial planning demystified! Very helpful, very patient and willing to thoroughly explain all aspects of financial planning. You don't feel pressured at any point.

Tim Hughes

Hartsfield client since 2019

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