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As you near retirement, it is important to understand how you see your life changing. The way people plan for retirement has changed considerably over the last couple of decades, just as retirement itself has evolved. The State Pension age has risen, fewer people retire on a final salary pension and for many people now, retirement isn’t the end of their working life, but a slowing down or a change of direction. Therefore, decision-making as you plan for retirement, is as much about identifying what you do want to do as what you don’t.

There are lots of things to consider when it comes to planning your retirement:

  • At what age would you like to retire?
  • What kinds of things do you picture yourself doing once you retire?
  • Do you want to retain the same standard of living you have now?
  • Will you have enough in your retirement pot to afford the lifestyle you would like?

Our team of expert planners will help you answer these questions and gain clarity over your options. We will go through your current finances with you, review your pension pots, savings and investments, and help you make sense of all the facts and figures, and what they mean.

Whatever your goals for your retirement, you will need a well-developed plan to be sure you have enough in the pot to achieve them; which is where good financial planning comes in. We can build you a plan that takes you step-by-step to the retirement you want, with regular reviews along the way, to ensure you remain on track and that it is responsive to your changing needs and the world around you.

Our purpose is to take away uncertainty, put you in control of your finances and give you the financial freedom to make the choices that are right for you and what matters most to you.

For what matters most

We asked our clients what mattered most to them about their retirement. These are a few of the things they told us.

"That it starts as early as possible and lasts as long as possible"

You’re never too young to start planning for your retirement. Knowing what your long-term goals are, and how and when you’re going to retire, is something everyone can benefit from thinking about sooner rather than later.

"Comfort. The prospect of being able to 'live' rather than just 'exist'"

We believe that everyone deserves the chance to enjoy their retirement and the freedom it can bring, without the stress of money worries. A solid, carefully prepared financial plan can give you financial freedom and peace of mind that your money will not run out.

"Enjoying every minute"

When you’ve worked hard and saved over many years to put money away, you quite rightly deserve to enjoy the fruits of your labour. Our retirement planning services focus on giving you a retirement you can delight in.

Common questions

We often find that our clients come to us with similar kinds of questions and problems. Questions such as:

  • Do I have enough money for my retirement?
  • Can we afford to live the kind of lifestyle we want in retirement?
  • How much should I be saving?
  • When will I be able to retire?
  • Should I be consolidating my pensions?
  • Can I afford to give my children / grandchildren some financial assistance?

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Our clients

We take great personal pride in improving the lives of our clients and working with you to achieve financial freedom. Which means we love hearing about our clients’ success stories, and the part we played.

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Hartsfield have advised me for over ten years on a wide range of financial planning issues and I cannot recommend their services more highly.

Stuart Black

Hartsfield client since 2011

A good service with an approachable financial adviser who explained everything in layman’s terms... and provided all without time constraints.

Tonia Smith

Hartsfield client since 2019

I have been very happy with how Hartsfield have conducted my affairs. Full credit to the team and congratulations on their recent inclusion within The Times listing of Top Financial Advisers.

Eddie Owen

Hartsfield client since 2011

My adviser really takes the time to understand my financial needs and strives to ensure that I am comfortable with the investments he makes.

Laura Jaine Hayward

Hartsfield client since 2018

Financial planning demystified! Very helpful, very patient and willing to thoroughly explain all aspects of financial planning. You don't feel pressured at any point.

Tim Hughes

Hartsfield client since 2019

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