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Financial planning

Financial planning is about more than just investments and products. In fact, good financial planning should be about more than just your money.

Our financial and lifestyle planning services centre around what matters most to you. Whether that’s retiring early, starting a business venture, helping your children through university or private school education, or gaining the peace of mind that comes from knowing your family and income are protected, our planning services allow you to focus on living your life to the full.

We will do this in three stages


Lifestyle Planning

Helping you identify and define what your desired lifestyle is. We will do this by exploring what matters most to you. That may encompass your lifetime objectives, your principles, goals, opinions and values, as well as your priorities when it comes to how you wish to spend your income. What we discover about you here will form the foundation of all the advice we offer you.


Financial Planning

Helping you understand your current financial position by taking a detailed look at your income, expenditure, assets and commitments. We will then explore the options available to you to enable you to reach your desired lifestyle. This is where we create your own personal financial plan, built around the lifestyle goals you have defined. Your goals may include investing and growing your wealth, protecting what matters to you, securing comfort in retirement, or ensuring the smooth transfer of your wealth at the time of your choosing. They will be individual to you.


Financial Advice

Taking your personal financial plan and the foundations put in place during lifestyle planning as our guide, we will then look at which financial products and services you may need to help you achieve your objectives. As independent financial planners we only recommend products that are right for you and where they enable you to defend or deliver your desired lifestyle.

Most people are fairly familiar with the idea of financial advice. It’s the traditional way of looking at financial products and services in order to find better solutions to a given problem; improving investment returns, reducing costs, or making something more tax-efficient for example.

We can do this work in isolation but our preferred approach – and where we hope to have the most meaningful relationship with our clients – is where we can put this advice into the context of what matters most in your life. This is where financial planning and lifestyle planning come in.

What you can expect from us

hartsfield Service matters

Service matters

Getting to know you and what matters most to you, is our top priority. That means we listen, we understand, and we communicate effectively.

hartsfield Clarity matters

Clarity matters

It is important that you understand the proposals and recommendations that are presented to you; otherwise, you cannot make informed decisions. At every stage of the journey, we will be transparent in aims and clear in our answers. There will be plenty of time allocated for you to ask questions and for us to provide any additional information you may feel you need.

hartsfield Choice matters

Choice matters

We’re independent financial planners. That means we’re free to research the whole of the market and are not limited in the choices we can present to you.

hartsfield Results matters

Results matter

Results matter. That’s why we’re very proud of the fact that in our 2020 Client Survey, 87.72% of our clients said that working with us had helped, or would help, them to achieve their financial goals.

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