Stephanie Shipley

Relationship Manager

0117 363 4696

Bristol Office


Throughout Stephanie’s working life, her main responsibilities have been around customer service and satisfaction.

Clients are at the heart of everything Hartsfield does and Stephanie epitomises this. She strives to get things right the first time and make the process as smooth and easy as possible for every client.

As Relationship Manager, Stephanie will often be clients’ first point of contact, whether it is setting up a change of address, providing updates on their transfers or booking in a meeting with their adviser.

Stephanie has always enjoyed admin work and is super organised. She takes great pleasure in ticking off various parts of her ‘To Do’ list throughout the day! As Stephanie says, she enjoys being part of the support staff, with ‘support’ being the key point.

What matters most

What matters most to Stephanie about working for Hartsfield?

We genuinely care about our clients and their goals. We celebrate with them when they reach their goals and offer support along the way to help make them a reality. As a company, we have good, solid values. We are approachable, friendly and not condescending; we understand how complex finances can be and we look to make our advice simple for everyone.

We are completely transparent and upfront, no hidden agenda, we wear our ‘harts’ on our sleeves (pardon the pun!) We truly have that family feel. Helping each other out comes naturally; we want success for our company, clients and colleagues.

What matters most to Stephanie about her specific role?

My relationship with the client generally starts with me welcoming them to Hartsfield, collecting them from reception, having a chat and topping it off with a nice cuppa. I know for some people having a financial meeting can be rather daunting, so I enjoy meeting them with a huge smile and a cup of tea to help set them up for their meeting. I really like the relationship I have with our clients – it feels like I am on their journey with them in some respects.

As the admin, I am the cog in the background helping everything run smoothly. I cannot tell you the joy it gives me working hard with the team and being able to tell the client, “I’ve got your money in earlier than expected!” It’s just so fulfilling to know that your hard work has directly made a difference to the client.

What matters most to Stephanie outside of work?

I am a very family-orientated person. There is nothing I love more than spending time with the people I love. As a dog owner, a lot of my free time is spent walking anywhere that has grass (unless it is raining because she doesn’t like getting wet… who does?)

When I’m not skipping through grass with the dog, you will usually find me socialising with friends. My fiancé is pretty talented with a pool cue, so we do tend to gravitate towards places with a pool table on the weekend, although I am usually the ‘observer’ (I was not blessed with the gift!).

I wouldn’t say I am a massive football fan, however, I am part of a Bristol City household, so I do enjoy going to the ground every so often to cheer on ‘The Reds’.

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