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Helping Stuart make tax-efficient investments in small companies

Stuart is an entrepreneur and investor. He wanted to make those investments as tax-efficiently as possible so we set up a Small Self-Administered Scheme (SSAS) to do just that. Over the years Stuart has used the SSAS to great effect making several wise investments.

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Giving Stephen comfort that his wife will be financially secure

Stephen was worried about how financially secure his wife would be if he passed away. Over the years we've helped Stephen address those concerns while helping him plan for a long and happy retirement.

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Putting Martin’s retirement plans on track

We've been working with Martin for nearly a year. During that time we've spent time understanding his retirement goals, reviewing his pensions and putting a financial plan in place to ensure he gets the retirement he deserves.

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Helping Brian retire and his grandchildren to plan for their retirement

We used a Small Self-Administered Scheme (SSAS) to help Brian plan for his retirement. Our advice has helped Brian to retire early and look forward to financial secure retirement.

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Giving Paul and Catherine confidence that everything will be okay

We started helping Paul to plan his retirement several years ago. That was so successful that Catherine decided to ask us for help too. They are both now looking forward to a comfortable and happy retirement.

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