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Giving Stephen comfort that his wife will be financially secure

Stephen was worried about how financially secure his wife would be if he passed away. Over the years we've helped Stephen address those concerns while helping him plan for a long and happy retirement.


I’ve worked with Hartsfield for four years because I needed help with moving my pension. It was a complex situation, which is why I needed it revised. People who I knew and trusted had recommended Hartsfield. Joy made me extremely comfortable and at ease with the whole situation. She very clearly put out a personal strategy for me going forward and therefore I felt extremely comfortable, and why look elsewhere.

My concerns in getting financial advice was first of all that it needed to be independent. I’d been quite happy with the fact that Barclays financial planners, people I’ve been working on a day to day basis, actually recommended Hartsfield. And then I come in here and, Joy, the manager, was the first person I dealt with, and Joy took away those fears from me. The fears had really been centred around if something happened to me soon after my retirement, then my wife Rebecca, if I were to remain with Barclays, would have only received 50% of my pension, and that worried me. Even now we know what’s happened to the market in the short period since Covid, I have that confidence that things will be good.

The best thing with Hartsfield is the people themselves. Their professionalism, they’re extremely trustworthy, and they’re personal.

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