Business Protection


Nothing in business is risk-free, but you’ll want to do all you can to mitigate risk for your business.

Business protection insurance can help to protect your business. You protect yourself against the more obvious risks – such as locking your premises, or installing security systems, having fire and smoke alarms – but there are less tangible risks that are no less real for being less apparent.

At Hartsfield, we can help you protect your business by first asking the all-important “what if” questions.

  • What if your equity partner dies, will you be able to continue to trade?
  • What if a crucial employee becomes seriously ill, or dies, and you no longer have access to their clients or contacts?
  • What if someone attempts to steal your intellectual property – or succeeds and then trades on your good name and reputation?

Business protection insurance

We’ll help you anticipate these and many other scenarios. Then we will support you to put in place suitable business protection insurance – working in partnership with business insurance brokers – to ensure you have peace of mind should the worse happen; enabling you to protect your business against financial loss.

To find out more about business protection insurance,  please get in touch with the Hartsfield team.