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Your guide to 7 of the best luxury advent calendars for Christmas 2020

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After a challenging and difficult year for many, the festive season is fast approaching. Christmas is a chance to meet up with friends and family and although that might look a little different this year, it’s also a time to be thankful.

If you need pampering – or just want to treat yourself – in the run-up to Christmas this year, keep reading for your guide to seven of the best luxury advent calendars on the market.

1. Armani Beauty, now £199.20 (was £249)

Armani’s 2020 advent calendar contains ‘24 Beauty and Fragrance Icons’. Included for your £199.20249 (although offers are available if you hurry), you’ll find 24 days’ worth of beauty products and fragrances.

Among the beauty products included are full-size lipsticks, eye shadows, and mascara. Plus, miniature products and fragrances including My Way and Acqua Di Gioia, as well as eye cream, makeup remover, and a compact mirror.

‘Dive into the inspiring and immersive world of Giorgio Armani’ this Christmas.

2. John Lewis & Partners, now £139.30 (was £177)

The John Lewis & Partners 25-day jewellery advent calendar includes 22 items of gold and silver-plated jewellery as well as semi-precious stones and pendants.

The stones and pendants can be used across multiple necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, to give you an ever-changing look.

The calendar’s drawers are also reversible, meaning you can hide the numbers and use the beautifully decorated box as a jewellery cabinet throughout the year.

Among other things, the calendar includes hoop earrings, silver-plated necklaces and bracelets, charms, and pendants. Plus, two drawstring pouches to keep them in.

3. Lervig Beer Merchants, £85

Norwegian craft beer experts Lervig offer 24 different Lervig beers. The company was established in 1979 following a revolt by the townspeople of Stavanger. Annoyed by the local mass-market brewery’s substandard beer, they decided to buy the brewery off them.

Their advent calendar contains something for every beer lover. From flavoured lagers, Pale Ales, and IPAs to Sours, Barrel-Aged Imperial Stouts, and seasonal Christmas beers.

4. BrewDog Distilling Co.’s Twelve Gins of Christmas, now £39.95 (was £49.95)

BrewDog brewery’s gin distillers bring you 12 gins of Christmas. The LoneWolf gins include eight new flavours and four returning favourites.

The 50ml bottles are a perfect introduction to LoneWolf gin and the calendar includes, among others, Sicilian lemon, cactus and lime, white peach, and the navy strength, Gunpowder.

Unlike with some other calendars on our list, the marked price includes delivery. Plus, as part of BrewDog’s commitment to sustainability, the product is carbon negative – guaranteeing you a clear conscience, if not a clear head.

5. Haynes Electronic, £30

Perfect for big kids of all ages, the Haynes Electronic advent calendar features a new electronic component behind every door. You (or your child) can then use them to create 24 different games to play and enjoy.

The component parts are small, so the calendar is only for those aged 14 and over, and batteries aren’t included, but once all the components have been released you’ll have a Christmas Day of fun-packed building and playing.

Games include Code Breaker, memory games, wire mazes, and Whack a Mole.

6. Lego Harry Potter, £20 (was £24.99)

For age seven years and up, any Lego and Harry Potter fan would be happy with this Lego advent calendar themed around the Yule Ball from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

The calendar contains six minifigures of some of the film’s main characters. There are also mini builds of props and scenes from the movie, including the Beauxbaton’s carriage and a dining table complete with an ice-castle centrepiece.

The Lego Harry Potter advent calendar is sure to add a bit of magic to any Christmas countdown.

7. The Linley Advent Calendar, £15,000

You’ll need to be quick (not to mention have some spare cash available) if you want to snap up our last offering. The Linley Advent Calendar is created by Linley, the bespoke furniture, luxury gifts, and accessories company set up by David Linley, (also known as David Armstrong-Jones, 2nd Earl of Snowdon).

There are only five available and at £15,000 each they’ll be out of the price range of many, but the Linley website assures the calendar is an exquisite gift to last a lifetime.

Inspired by the architecture of Belgravia, the townhouse design is crafted from oak burr and sycamore. There are 24 doors for you to fill as you see fit, plus a hidden compartment for Christmas Day. The calendar also has an English Heritage-style Blue Plaque that is engravable, allowing you to further personalise it with the wording of your choice.

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