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Supporting our sporting community

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We talk a lot about community and wellbeing. Because it’s something that means a lot to us. After all, what is wealth if we don’t have our health? And what is financial wellbeing without giving back?

We’re particularly keen on helping young people in our community and so this year has been all about sponsoring and supporting lots of local sporting teams. In fact, we even realised that the word supporting actually has “sporting” in it!

Last month’s blog was all about our brand new sponsorship of the Firebrands Hockey Team, the home of hockey in Bristol. The club has a flourishing junior team, so we were delighted to fund shirts for the boys’ under 14s as well as the ladies first team and men’s team.

We’re also sponsoring Corsham Rugby Club this season. We’re definitely a team of rugby fans, so we’re hoping to be able to get down to Corsham to watch some matches. As our Wiltshire team all live in and around Corsham, it’s a lovely way to support the local community. And with so many junior teams at the club, it’s clear they really champion young people.

“I think if you can do good, you should. Sponsoring local sports clubs not only gives teams a confidence boost but it helps fund equipment so that clubs can develop and expand to give more young people an opportunity to play.”

Paul Verwoert, MD Hartsfield. a

We like to mix things up too, so as well as rugby and hockey, we’re also sponsoring two local football teams.

FC Abbey Meads is a Wiltshire football club formed in 2003. It’s grown to be one of the biggest youth football clubs in the area with 30 teams in total. We’re delighted to be sponsoring the under 10s team and we’re looking forward to hearing great things.

And finally, we’re proud to be sponsoring the under 15s team of the Wiltshire Regional Talent Centre in Tidworth. They aim to provide progression, opportunity and challenge to all players and coaches; a community ethos that is very much in line with ours.

You may be wondering what all this sponsorship has to do with Financial Planning? And the answer is simple. It’s all about encouraging young people and their wellbeing. Whether that’s encouraging people to talk about money or consider a career in financial planning, helping young people in need through our Charitable Trust or supporting local sports teams, we think young people need all the help they can get especially after the last two years.

If you know of a youth team that needs sponsorship, we’d love to hear from you. And if you’d like to find out more about our transparent approach to financial planning and wealth management, book a free financial consultation today.

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