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New Year, New You – Because Retirement Should Be Enjoyable

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Looking ahead to 2019, a New Year is always a good time to take a step back and have a little look at how you’re doing. Whether that be:

Physically – would you like to start being more active?

Mentally – are you taking enough time out to look after yourself?

Financially – are you aware of your finances as much as you would like to be?

Retirement planning often takes a back seat when it can seem so far off. So for 2019, having a look at how prepared you are for retirement could be a good place to start. This can give you piece of mind, and improve your understanding of your own individual financial situation.

Of course it’s important to make sure you will have enough saved. But firstly, and perhaps more importantly, it’s about figuring out what exactly that means for you. What kind of life would you like to live in retirement? Have a think about which things aside from essentials you couldn’t do without, like your annual holiday. This can go a long way to working out exactly how much you will need to be comfortable.

Although the retirement age is now at 65, it’s worth remembering that a man at retirement age this year has a one-in-four chance of living until 94. A woman of the same age this year has a one-in-four chance of living to 96. That means your retirement savings could need to last for 30 years!


You deserve to enjoy your retirement the way you want to.


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