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Retirement Planning

Whether you:

  • Are new to retirement planning and looking to set a pension up for the first time; or
  • Have existing pensions but are not yet drawing an income from them; or
  • Have reached pension age, whether you’re drawing an income or not:

Contact Hartsfield for a retirement planning health check. The first hour is at our expense which is enough time for us to talk through where you are, where you want to be and what your priorities should be. If, at that stage, some specific advice is needed, we’ll explain how we can help and what the costs will be.

Some examples of the services we offer to people at different life stages are:

Life Stage Why it’s important Solution
New to pensions Navigate the maze of pension options Recommend a product that suits your investment needs and budget
Get the lifestyle you want in retirement Retirement Forecaster (how much should you save)
Compound wealth by saving tax efficiently ISA v Pension comparison
Balance future vs current lifestyle Cash flow / affordability
Existing pensions Fees and performance can have a real impact on future income Cost v Performance Analysis
A really complex area after ‘Pension Freedoms’. Get the right pension for you Transfer analysis (defined benefit to defined contribution or defined contribution to defined contribution)
Right product at the right cost Pension provider recommendation
Are you on track? Shortfall analysis / pension forecast
At retirement Minimise tax and maximise the income you have to live off Income requirement (and how to draw that income in the most tax efficient way)
Security v freedom/flexibility Annuity or Drawdown? (or both?)
Important not to run out of money! Income sustainability (will your income last throughout retirement?)
Right product at the right cost Cost v Performance Analysis
Transfer analysis


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