UK frackers get licences to explore

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UK frackers get more licences to explore

  • 17 December 2015
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The Oil and Gas Authority has awarded a raft of new licences to explore for oil and gas on the mainland of the UK.

The 93 licences to explore 159 blocks of land could pave the way for more controversial hydraulic fracturing, or fracking.

Parts of the Yorkshire, the Midlands, and the North West have been opened for exploration.

There are also licence blocks in the South of England and Wales.

Around 75% of the exploration licences relate to “unconventional” shale oil and gas, which typically requires fracking.

Today’s licences give rights to companies to explore for shale oil and gas, but do not give automatic permission to drill.

Planning permission to build rigs and drill land needs clearance from local or central authorities.

Earlier this year, councillors in Lancashire rejected shale gas firm Cuadrilla’s application to drill a handful of shale gas exploratory wells.

There would be too much noise and the impact on the landscape would be too great, they said.

But the final decision will be made by central government.

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