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Zircon Software

Zircon Software is a Wiltshire-based company providing software engineering services to clients in a range of industries, including rail, highways, defense and finance.

The issue

The two company directors had an existing SSAS – a small self-administered scheme – which had been set up in January 2013 but was not being actively managed. Although some of the funds had been used to make a loan to the business, with market rates of interest being paid back in, the remainder of the funds were in cash, so getting no return. As a result, the directors were looking to form a relationship with a competent regulated firm to provide advice about the existing scheme, as well as to the directors on a personal level.

The solution

Hartsfield outlined the services that we offer to private and corporate clients, including the ongoing comprehensive support available to manage the existing SSAS and review the individual directors’ personal financial needs. A new portfolio of investments was built for the SSAS, based on the directors’ aspirations and their attitude to risk. With regards to the directors’ personal wealth, we were also able to give advice. For example, we were able to assist with pension planning for one of the director’s grandchildren.

The outcome

The directors of Zircon Software now have a SSAS which is being proactively managed to match their objectives and attitude to risk. Likewise, we are actively supporting them in their personal financial planning. Mark Parsons, Director of Zircon Software, said: “The Hartsfield team have always been very responsive to all our requests and have provided clear and concise advice. The portfolio has been actively managed and has performed well.”


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