Creating a Business Plan


How many of us start the year with plans of what we want to do and achieve, and get to the end only to realise we’ve accomplished just a handful? And New Year’s resolutions rarely last beyond the end of January!

Perhaps we can afford to do this in our personal lives, but when it comes to business, planning is essential.

A business plan helps keep you on track, it helps you benchmark your achievements. A robust business plan is essential if you are to successfully apply for business funding, particularly to a bank which won’t even look at your application unless accompanied by a business plan.

How to make a business plan

The team at Hartsfield can help, by providing a subjective view and casting a critical eye.

We look at where your business has come from and where you want it to go, then we will help you formulate a three-year strategy to achieve these goals, revisiting the plan in a rolling cycle to make sure you are on track, and to make any necessary revisions.

If you create a business plan you’ll find you no longer carry everything around in your head; you’ll be more focused and your business – and staff, investors and stakeholders – will notice and appreciate the difference.

Talk to the team at Hartsfield about creating a business plan.